Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to become an EXTREME COUPONER ...

After watching several episodes of TLC's Exteme Couponing you may be ready to pay $5.00 for a basket of groceries. However, that is not the case. LOL When shopping you must have a plan. There is simply no way around it. Check the weekly deals at the supermarkets and even though we may not live in a city where coupons are doubled on a regular basis; learning how to "stack" coupons, use electronic coupons, and always use your store rewards card. Using a coupon on a sale item is the greatest feeling in the world. I love a great sale and I especially love the coupon savings in addition to the sale price.

Quick drill ...

Peanut butter reg price $2.25 ... sale price (with store card) $1.39 - .75 (coupon) = .64 for each jar of peanut butter ... or 12 coupons @ .75 cents each the case (12 jars) will total $ 7.68 without the coupons the case will total $ 16.98 ... See the savings?! Check out this link with some ideas on couponing.
Extreme Couponing 101

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